Durable Footwear. Fewer Landfills.

Thoughtfully engineered for durability and longevity, Cat shoes are built to last.
Because durable shoes mean less waste. Which is better for you, and better for the planet.

Why We Love Leather

It’s Responsible

Leather, nubuck and suede give footwear durability with comfort, breathability, and longevity. It’s a timeless aesthetic that ages well with use. With proper care, leather footwear can stay in your closet season after season.

It’s 100% Traceable

The leathers we use are a byproduct of the food system, and otherwise would have been waste. By ensuring our hides are 100% traceable, we can guarantee that the animals are raised responsibly and the suppliers are held to a high ethical standard.

It’s Leather Working Group™ Certified

We only work with leather suppliers that are certified by the Leather Working Group™, an organization aimed at improving the impact of the leather supply chain and bringing visibility to industry best practices.

Our Recycled Material

We use as much recycled content as possible without sacrificing durability or performance. Beginning in fall 2022, our goal is that all new industrial products will be designed with 100% post-industrial recycled linings.


Ethical Labor

We care deeply about the people that make our products possible. By banning hazardous materials, providing personal protective equipment, and paying fair wages, we’re actively improving the quality of life for our tannery workers.

Recycled Packaging

Our cardboard shoe boxes are made with a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. We never use solvent-based adhesives or petroleum-based inks in our packaging. Instead, we use water-based solvents and inks, which use fewer chemicals and create fewer emissions.

Sustainable Partnerships

We actively seek out partnerships with innovative companies like APX® Devulcanized Rubber, an "upcycled" rubber compound manufacturer that uses an environmentally friendly, patented process.


More wear. Less waste.

Building longevity into our products is central to our
sustainability philosophy. Every season we look for
opportunities to incorporate more durable materials
and sustainable practices into our line.

At Cat Footwear, we’re committed to enhancing
the sustainability of our materials, products,
and processes. We know we aren’t perfect, but
we’re working hard and making strides — and
we hope you’ll help keep us accountable along the way.

— Cat Footwear Team

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