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Paledi Segapo

Port Elizabeth (09 April 2015) - Cat Footwear SA has announced its new partnership with local designer Paledi Segapo. Segapo has come on board as a Brand Ambassador, a first for the brand in South Africa.

The iconic brand is traditionally known for the design, engineering and distribution of boots, shoes and active lifestyle footwear that represent the long standing values of the Cat® brand; authentic, tough, durable, bold and dynamic. When people think Cat® they automatically picture the famous ‘Colorado’ work-boot, launched into iconic status in the 1990’s. In recent years the brand has expanded on brand perception, by introducing more fashion and trend-inspired collections. 

“This is where the partnership with Segapo began, starting off with the designer showcasing our shoes at his fashion shows, “ says Liezel Jooste, Marketing Manager for Cat Footwear SA. “Segapo’s aura, drive and immense insight into the industry captured our attention and we knew he was right for the brand, “said Jooste.

Segapo, who is the founder and designer of South African label PALSE has showcased in London, Zurich, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Botswana, to name but a few. The first PALSE flagship store was launched in 2014, and his range has diversified from menswear, to also cater for women.

Segapo will be Cat Footwear’s ‘Earthmover’, a name given to ambassadors who are unconventional, defy the status quo and see opportunities to do better. Earthmovers are creators, crafters, wavemakers, big thinkers and innovators who don’t just live in the world around them, but help shape it. “Segapo will be one of the vessels to highlight current ranges and help our brand gain new followers, “said Jooste.
The partnership will be officially launched to the media at Segapo’s birthday celebration next Friday, 17 April 2015, at Moloko nightclub in Johannesburg.

“Footwear can make or break an outfit. With Cat Footwear I’m proud to say I’m not gambling with my fashion DNA, said Segapo.


Introducing Paledi Segapo