How To Style Our Unisex Footwear


Introducing Cat Footwear’s unisex footwear range. With a diverse selection of designs, this range caters to everyone’s style, whether you want a casual look, a sporty look, or a more urban look.

The key is how you dress it up! 

In today’s blog, we speak to Emmanuel, a talented tattoo artist and owner of EHK Tattoo Creations, as well as Andy, an exceptional brow artist, and owner of The Dollhouse. They gave us their take on how to style the Bruiser 2.0 in the colour Honey Reset, both ways.

But first, let’s get to know this lovely couple:

Both of you are creative people, Emmanuel in the tattoo industry and Andy in the beauty industry, can you tell us how your creativity is expressed through your fashion sense?

Our fashion sense is definitely based on our moods - we like to think that we don't have one specific "style" but rather dress in the morning according to the feel of the day.

Patterns, textures, and bright colours are a must for Andy. Although she is personally more reserved, she likes to be bold and expressive in her outfits.

Emmanuel enjoys layering and adding texture to his outfits, although simplicity is what it’s all about for him. Colours need to match, and outfits are more refined.

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Tell us a little more about your respective fields, what got you into tattoos and what got you into beauty?

Emmanuel was always very arty in school and was introduced to tattooing by a guy from Canada he happened to cross paths with 17 years ago. This piqued his interest and he built himself a homemade tattoo machine with which he did his very first tattoo.

Over the last 17 years, he has taught himself how to tattoo and experimented with different techniques and styles and today specialises in black and grey realism pieces - he is very proud to have built his own brand EHK Tattoo Creations to the standard it is at today.

Andy has always had a niche in the beauty field but spent 4 years after school studying Criminal Justice and Crime Scene Investigation. After spending many years in different jobs in different fields, a door was opened to her within the beauty industry which sparked her interest in brows specifically and ultimately led her abroad to study an advanced eyebrow course in Ukraine.

After a lot of wanting to build her own brand, the birth of our second son and the support from her husband she finally decided to leave her 9-5 and join forces with EHK Tattoo Creations.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the way you styled the boots.

We always love a good ‘matchy-matchy’ moment, so our main inspiration for the Cat Footwear photo shoot was that we wanted to bring the unisex boot the mixture of both our individual styles and how couples can style this together.

A little bit of bold, yet simple was our aim for this photo shoot.

They gave us two different styles:

The first was a striking all-black look, which allowed the boots to pop. Andy opted for knee-length, frayed black jeans and a loose-fitting button-up black shirt, whilst Emmanuel paired his Bruiser 2.0 with a long black jean and a simple black t-shirt. Overall, this look is certainly giving an 'It Couple' feel.

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Their second style was completely different, giving off an urban feel. Both of them opted for light blue loose-fitting jeans paired with a white t-shirt, keeping it quite simple, yet Andy added that extra pop of boldness with her colourful headscarf and Emmanuel with his yellow beanie.

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Cat Footwear is a brand that believes in hard work, and empowering the bold so that they may transform the world around us – are you working on any interesting projects at this moment that aligns with this message? Or can you give us some words of advice to other young aspiring entrepreneurs such as yourself?

Coming from humble beginnings we both have had to work hard to be where we are today. Hard work, perseverance, and pushing the boundaries are something we feel very passionate about.

We are currently working on a project with the Radisson Blu hotel - initiated by ourselves - and will be having our first event next month. The Main aim of these events is to bring creatives together from all fields and provide a professional platform for business exposure.

We also hope to inspire future and current entrepreneurs to be fearless in their efforts to grow their brands and themselves.

Now that you have all the style ideas thanks to Emmanuel and Andy, as well as inspiration to go out there, work hard, and transform the world around you, it’s time to find yourself your very own pair of Cat Footwear to help you take that first step.

Pat, over 1 year ago

Lovely,stylish couple.
I love how they’ve both styled the boots in a fresh and creative way.