Restarting Your Year


Have you ever experienced those moments where you wrote down a list of new year’s resolutions, and then by the middle of January, you have already fallen short?

Well, you may feel comforted to know that many people experience this and end up giving up on the whole idea of new year’s resolutions as a result. In fact, this could be a sign that we are all still too tired in January to immediately begin our journey as our most productive selves.

Hence, we offer you a solution: begin your year in February! No, it is certainly not too late, and maybe you might agree that it makes more sense to set out on a path, achieving all your goals when you are feeling mentally and physically refreshed.

Not only are you allowing yourself enough time to rest during December and January, but you are also ensuring that you are not setting yourself up for failure. Because, we all know that when we are not ready for something, then reaching the end result you hope for, is often not achievable. 

What Are Some Good Habits To Practise?

1. Get Your Body Moving

Exercise has both physical and mental benefits on one's health. It does not always have to be a strenuous activity, but something as simple as making an effort to go for a brisk walk in the evenings could greatly benefit you.

2. A Good Morning and Night Routine

This point may sound irrelevant but consider some of the many stressors we experience in a day. One could agree that a rushed morning often leads to feeling anxious and distressed.
Therefore, planning the night before by prepping lunch and work clothes could help your mornings be calmer.

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3. Rewrite Your Goals

Take a look at the goals you had written down in December. Identify some of the factors that held you back from achieving these goals or look at which of those goals no longer apply to you. Keeping this in mind, rewrite your goals, with a new success plan for the year.

4. Clean Out your Space

This goes for your home and even workspace. Decluttering your space can have many positive effects, such as helping you feel in control of your environment. Furthermore, research has found that clutter, particularly in the workplace, decreases productivity. In addition to this, clutter in your personal space often leads to procrastination because it can seem overwhelming at first.
So, take some time off, tackle a small section at a time, and get rid of things that you no longer need.

5. Schedule Your Time Accordingly

Make sure that you plan enough personal relaxing time and also, time to work on important projects. Having a successful year is all about maintaining that work-life balance, and this is most achievable when you plan!
You will also find that when you plan things ahead of time, such as exercise, or relaxation time, you are more likely to follow through.

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6. Try To Decrease Digital Time

We often don't realise how much of our lives are consumed by social media, emails, television, and the like. Try and give yourself some time away from a screen, where you can simply just live in the moment, instead of constantly trying to be connected.

7. Do More!

It is also important to make time to give back. Sometimes, it is so easy to get caught up with our daily struggles, that we forget to take a moment and be grateful for all the amazing things we do have.
Giving back and doing more instils a sense of gratitude in yourself, but also, greatly impacts those who receive what you are willing to give, whether that be resources or simply your time.

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Silas, over 1 year ago

Great tips from you guys, hopefully by aligning with them can escalate my life in productivity.