Shoe Cleaning and Care with Kick-It Fresh


 In this blog, we get technical with Trevor as he breaks down some of the technical aspects of footwear care. He tells us about some of the common mistakes he encounters, interesting clients, and overall, the importance of taking care of one’s shoes.

1. What is a common mistake you see people make when it comes to cleaning their sneakers?

“Throwing them in the washing machine. That is something you should never do because it can damage the material.”

2. Why is it important to clean your sneakers regularly?

“Any good outfit is completed with a clean pair of shoes. Also, there are issues regarding bacteria, and overall keeping your shoes clean will help them last longer. It’s like I always say, fresh kicks take you places.”

3. What should be done regularly to keep their sneakers fresh and long-lasting?

"The best way to prolong the life of your shoe is to clean it regularly, even if you don't take them to us here at Kick it fresh. Also, we do shoe restorations, which help give your shoes a second life.

4. Talk to us about the different cleaning tools used for different shoe materials? (Leather, suede, etc)

“It is important to know what works for different materials. For example, I often see people using a brush to clean their leather shoes. This is another common mistake and also very bad for the shoe because it leaves scratch marks. The same goes for suede and cotton, you can’t use just any brush because this creates damages such as scratches and lint."

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5. Are there special instructions for sneaker care after having them customized?

“Yes, because we use specific paint for the specific material of your shoe, you can’t use just any tool to clean it. One wipe or brush with the wrong cleaning tool and you risk damaging the artwork and shoe itself. The best advice I could give is to bring it to us here at Kick it Fresh, we know how best to clean them, and we have the right products and tools.” 

“My friend Joshua Azel actually does the designs for the customized shoes, but he is teaching me how to do it as well. The designs last quite long, but again it is all about how well you take care of the shoe itself. Are you cleaning it properly and using the proper products etc. The key is to clean it once it is dirty, don’t wait until later.”

6. Have you ever received a pair of shoes that you thought you couldn’t clean?

“Yes, I received a pair of Cat Footwear boots last year. It was what you can call, a generation shoe. It belonged to the customer's grandmother, then was passed down to her mother, then to her older sister, and presently it belongs to her. When she brought them in, it was covered in paint, and it was just overall quite old. She was an existing client of mine, so when she brought these in, she asked if I would be able to clean them as they had great sentimental value. I thought that these shoes had such a wonderful story, so I brought them back to life. A 37-year shoe, I would say it belonged in a museum, but it certainly was beautiful artwork, so I was glad that I could bring them back to life for my client."

"In fact, this particular job really taught me about the importance of value and taking care of what you love. All of my clients clearly value their shoes, which is why they bring them to me to clean, this really shows how taking care of something will help it last longer."

7. Tell us what process do we follow when wanting to use your services?

"What you can do is come directly to the shop and talk to our receptionist, Nasi. Then you must take a photo of your shoes and send it to us on WhatsApp along with all the details such as shoe size, name, and surname. After that, we give you a receipt and our turnaround time is 48 hours. We do offer a collection and delivery service which you can contact us about via 0795543598. We also do house calls where we’ll clean your shoes at your house, but a minimum of 15 pairs of shoes are required.”

In the wise words of Trevor, fresh kicks take you places, so always remember to spend the time to take regular care of your shoes. Cat Footwear is a brand that seeks to encourage a lifestyle of hard work and innovation, such as the one that Trevor has shown us today.

Remember, you too can move the world, so grab your pair of Cat Footwear, and do more today.

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