Virtual Tours Blog


Virtual Tours Blog

At Cat Footwear, we power the bold!

And our bold earthmovers are not going to let obstacles get in the way of their fun. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of virtual tours and places you can visit online to keep your head in the game and your finger on the pulse.

We’ve got escapades from some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world to art on the streets and in galleries. Just click on the links to take an instant journey to a faraway place!

Tourist Destinations 

Colosseum Italy

Musei Vaticani & Sistine Chapel, Italy Buckingham Palace, UK
Colosseum, Italy Stonehenge, UK
Taj Mahal, India Great Wall of China, China

Street Art

San Miguel Chile

San Miguel, Chile Istanbul, Turkey
Ekaterinburg, Russia Berlin, Germany
Málaga, Spain Yorkshire, UK
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Nasa Exoplanet Exploration

Legoland Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall
Disney Parks NASA Exoplanet Exploration
NASA Langley Research Center

Museums & Art Galleries

Van Gogh Museum
British Museum The Met Museum
Museum of London Docklands Museum of Flight
Salvador Dali Theatre Museum Rijksmuseum
Van Gogh Museum Women’s History Museum
National Gallery of Art The National Gallery


The Florida Aquarium

Yellowstone National Park African Wildlife Lookout Live Camera
Melbourne Zoo The Florida Aquarium
Kruger National Park & Sabi Sand Wildtuin Virtual Safari

So get ready to expand your horizons without moving an inch! 

Mix work and play and live your best life while staying home and staying safe, the Caterpillar way. Strengthen those wings today, so that you can soar tomorrow.

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