5 Things to Shed this Autumn


5 Things to Shed this Autumn

As Autumn approaches and the trees begin to shed, we start to hear the crunch of fallen leaves beneath our boots. Perhaps we should, excuse the pun, take a leaf out of Autumn’s book.

Why wait to Spring clean, when you can Autumn shed right now? 

We’ve listed 5 things to let go of with the leaves this season.

1. Shed society’s expectations

‘You need a degree to be successful.’
‘You won’t be able to live off a job in that field.’
‘You dress too radically.’
‘You need to get married.’

‘You should have children soon.’
‘That’s not how we do things.’
‘Don’t ask questions.’

We’ve grown up hearing these sentences and maybe we’ve even internalised it. But if Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Beyoncé or Amelia Earhart listened to those voices, we would be deprived of some of the greatest and boldest inspirations we have. 

This extends to social media, where we portray what we want society to see of us. Be yourself and be yourself boldly – let the world see the real you.

2. Shed toxic relationships

Trees have extremely strong roots and trunks – these are like our closest and most dependable relationships. Trees also have branches, which may not be as sturdy, but which are there to help it expand itself along the way, and relationships like these have the potential to be so fruitful.
But trees also have leaves, which are seasonally shed because their purpose is not to stay forever, especially if they are no longer good for the tree. Relationships like these are the ones we shed for the betterment of ourselves and for our own peace of mind.

Yes, you may have to stand alone and bare for a metaphorical Winter, but you will be stronger and happier when Spring comes along.

3. Shed the weight… of how you should look

We are not defined by our weight.

Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing someone who needs to lose weight or change themselves, think of how you can change your lifestyle to feel better and live your best life. 

If you’re going to exercise, do it to feel strong and healthy (and for the endorphins!), not to lose weight. If you’re going to cut things out of your diet, focus more on adding good-quality, nutritional foods to your plate rather than starving yourself.

4. Shed the items you no longer need

Our homes are full of items we love and have loved for a long time. But sometimes the only reason we hang onto things is for sentimentality, even when we no longer need or use them.

Old kitchen utensils, cell phones and laptops, clothes, towels, sheets, stationery, books… Pack it all up and donate it. Not only will your space be clearer, allowing you to function optimally within it, but someone else will benefit from them far more than you had been doing. 

And those three pairs of old shoes that have been at the back of your cupboard for the last three years? Give them away too! We have the perfect all-in-one replacement for the whole lot in our Abraxas. Alternatively, restyle your shoe cupboard completely with a mix-and-match of our fashion-forward sneakers, formal shoes, trendy vintage casual shoes, active-wear and more.

5. Shed self-doubt

And last, but possibly most importantly, shed your self-doubt with this new season.

If you are not going to let society doubt you anymore, you certainly cannot let the doubt come from yourself instead.

Self-belief is the first step towards others believing in you, and fear can be paralysing. But if you stop choosing to listen to your inner fears about the future or about change or about your own abilities, you’ll find that you are able to soar.

Liberate yourself and allow yourself to be BOLD.

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