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The original Intruder is a footwear design that is authentically and unapologetically Cat Footwear. It began in the 90’s, and encompassed that classic 90’s colour block, chunky look. Thereafter, the Intruder saw a progression as it evolved with modern day fashion, taking on more neutral colours.

Now, we bring you the next stage in the Intruder evolution. Our campaign, inspired by the original, iconic Intruder, is here to take us all into the digital age.

And we are giving you the opportunity to take part in the next generation.
What you can expect is brighter colours and bolder designs because this year we are accelerating into the future.

What The Campaign Is All About

The Digital age otherwise referred to as the Information age, has allowed society to experience new things and achieve so much more. The introduction of technology, specifically, has completely altered the way we interact with one another, as well as our abilities to all participate in creating. Yes, the addition of technology has meant that anyone with access to a computer, could now participate in creating various forms of art for others to see, such as poetry, novels, music, films, and the like.

This is what this campaign aims to do. We want to encourage everyone to get in touch with their creative sides!

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Think of it as a ‘digital reawakening’ through digital fashion. We have partnered up with The Fabricant to rebuild the iconic Intruder silhouette, but one step further – reimagined for the Web3 world.

The themes that this campaign encompasses are centred around phygital products, emergent technologies, and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

What You Can Expect To See

Phase one includes artists who have been preselected, by you, to customise a digital version of the Intruder XL via the digital fashion studio on The Fabricant. These designs will be minted as NFT (non-fungible tokens) collectables. NFTs are created using similar programming to cryptocurrencies. Once the NFT is created, it can then be sold on a decentralised marketplace and added to their digital wallet on The Fabricant.

There will be four unique Intruder XL silhouettes that creators will design on – meaning that you can look forward to extravagant designs that push boundaries.

Phase two will entail the launch of our ‘Enter the Evolution’ for wearers together with the drop of our physical collection of the Intruder reimagined. 

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We call this the Supercharged range.

Wearers will also get the opportunity to embrace the possibilities of this digital world, through designs of their own. There will be two Intruder XL silhouettes in the AR studio to choose from, where you can then unleash your creative side.

So, start getting into your creative zone, since exciting things are heading your way soon. From opportunities to create your own unique footwear designs to the launch of our elevated Intruder range, Supercharged – you wouldn’t want to miss a thing!

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for any further information coming your way.

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