Creating The Perfect Autumn Wardrobe


As the season changes, we look forward to all the warm browns, reds, and oranges that Autumn brings, and it’s probably time to start planning those wardrobes.

Now, Autumn is not exactly cold, per se, but in certain regions, it does get a bit chilly, especially in the mornings. So you need light layers that will keep you warm enough, but not too much so that you are overheating in the soft, Autumn sun.

However, with season change, it is easy to fall down the hole of seasonal splurging.

Wardrobe Formula

1. Layers

In most regions, Autumn offers you chilly mornings, with slightly warmer afternoons. Hence layers are a great way to combat this because as you know, layers are great for peeling off throughout the day.
Begin with the ultimate basic white tee. Next, add a fashionable scarf. In Autumn, a check blanket scarf is always the perfect addition. Finally, pick your coat of choice, whether that be a long trench coat or a smart knitted jersey.

2. Versatility

This tip works for all seasons. Always ensure that you are curating items that match each other, instead of owning an entire wardrobe of unique pieces, because this will lead to lots of clothes but no outfits.

Consider the method used behind capsule wardrobes when considering versatility, but try and apply this seasonally. For example, think about your Autumn wardrobe and the colours you find are more dominant. Then, ensure that the items you are purchasing will match this colour palette and style so that you can easily mix and match items.

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3. Statement Pieces

Your statement pieces refer to those items that don’t necessarily need to match your overall colour aesthetic, but that elevate your outfit as a whole when you want to stand out.

Think oversized knitted sweaters, or bags with a pop of colour. For the gents, a statement coat, or bold trousers, are enough to elevate an outfit when needed.

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Wardrobe Must Haves:

We’ve put together a list of some of our top picks from the Cat Apparel range, that are sure to have you looking good this upcoming Autumn season!

  • HVY Duty S/S TEE: Remember when we said a good quality tee is the perfect versatile piece? Well, this option offers you the versatility of black, with bold yellow writing.
  • Foundation Jersey Knit Polo: Gents, you can never go wrong with a collar shirt, and this foundation knit polo is no exception! The clean stripes and neutral shades mean that it will pair well with a variety of chinos or jeans.
  • Foundation Denim Jacket: A good old denim jacket always comes back in style time and time again! Not forgetting that it is seasonally adaptable.
  • Utility Tie Waist Cargo Jogger: Something that has risen to fame in fashion, is cargo pants. They perfectly combine comfort, style, and functionality. Pair this with a chunky sneaker – like our Intruder – and a smart coat, and you’ve got a comfortably chic look.
  • Cat Label Cuff Beanie: The best thing about the cooler seasons, is breaking out your selection of headwear. Cat Apparel offers you the Label Cuff Beanie, available in various colours to suit your wardrobe palette.
  • Kylie: The Kylie boot has been a popular look for the ladies. It is undeniably edgy and works perfectly for a grunge look.
  • Imposter: The Imposter truly has quite a unique design and is actually one of Cat Footwear’s unisex designs. In fact, we would definitely say that this would be the perfect addition to your collection of statement pieces.
  • Hardwear Chelsea: For a more sophisticated look, the Hardwear Chelsea boot is the ideal choice, as its sleek design pairs perfectly with many styles.

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Building your seasonal wardrobe collection is a fun opportunity to assess your current style and make the changes you've been wanting for a while. As the leaves change during this season, allow your wardrobe to evolve as well. Create that perfect blend of practicality and seasonal flair this Autumn!

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