Activewear, Officewear, Streetwear & You


Activewear, Officewear, Streetwear & You

How important is comfort for you when you dress every morning? 

Before, you had to choose between fashion and function. Now, there’s athleisure.

This word is a portmanteau of the words athletic and leisure, and has officially been added to the dictionary to represent casual clothes designed for both exercising and general, everyday wear.

For those working from home, athleisure has become a way of life. We’ve forsaken formal officewear for what not only feels good and comfortable, but also looks trendy and fashionable. And that is how athleisure is also the new streetwear. Whether you’re walking the dog, doing a grocery run, or just getting things done on the daily – you can do it in an urban blend which mixes work and play, just like Cat Footwear has always strived to do.

Here are some of the staples for your athleisure wardrobe as we phase out the traditional look in favour of the future of fashion:

Cat Footwear Intruders 

Intruder White
Photo Credit: Cat Footwear

Leggings or Yoga Pants

Leggings Yoga Pants
Photo Credit: Prevention

Trendy Crop Tops

Womens Health Crop To
Photo Credit: Women's Health Mag

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jacket
Photo Credit: Superbalist


Photo Credit: Pinterest 

Cat Footwear Raider Sport

Photo Credit: Cat Footwear


Photo Credit: Ali Express

Comfortable Jeans

Photo Credit: Who What Wear


Photo Credit: Mr Price

How To Make It Work

Nail the look by mixing these sporty pieces with your regular wardrobe. For example, spandex leggings or yoga pants with a denim or leather jacket, or joggers with a bomber jacket, or a Cat sneaker with a feminine skirt and simple t-shirt.

Feel free to accessorise how you usually would, pairing earrings, timepieces, sunglasses, scarves and more as you see fit. Get creative as you find your mix of function and fashion and master the benefits of athleisure.

Psychologist and personal trainer Susan Rudnicki puts it perfectly when she says:

“Your clothes represent your inner motivation and feelings. It’s a feedback loop—I feel good, so I’m going to wear the things that make me look good."

 So come and blur the lines of work and play with Cat Footwear as you find your new normal.

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